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Increase your revenue


Virtual Reality is an excellent tool to present your product to consumers by creating an emotional and immersive experience. VR tech can take your potential customers right to the spot you want, or bring your product right to their (virtual) hands. Check out this success stories from brands who used VR in their launch campaigns.

Volvo and Google Cardboard

When the Swedish car manufacturer launched his new XC90 model, they wanted to bring this SUV to a younger, bolder audience. Sometimes, it’s hard to make the trip all the way down to the dealership to get a test drive and get to know the car you want to buy. That’s why Volvo implemented a VR app that you could download for Google Cardboard (and even without it)to have your XC90 virtual test drive. With this virtual experience, you could have an incredible virtual ride and enjoy every little of the XC90’s interiors.




The North Face takes you to the top

The North Face is a brand dedicated to outdoors and hiking apparel. One of their recent campaigns focused on creating high quality VR content (with expert hikers/climbers traversing different national parks in the US and even the mountain tops of Nepal) and distributing it to their stores. Using Google Cardboard headsets, customers could experience these extreme environments from the comfort of their seats, increasing the interest of clients to be part of these incredible travels. The store clerks would use the app to recommend the best equipment for your chosen ordeal. In South Korea the company upped the ante: after watching a 360 video of an arctic excursion in a dog sled, you were actually pulled from a cart by real Huskies across the mall. Creativity and technology merging together to create a memorable event for the consumer.


Virtual Reality is an amazing digital tool that can generate a real emotional link with your customers by creating immersive apps. Download our guide From Augmented reality to virtual reality: everithing you need to know to take advantage of the immersive technologies




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