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1 de agosto art

Imagine an amusement park with a giant roller coaster. Now, imagine this magical place 100% full of your brand or product! On top of that, you can take this place anywhere with you! Feel the thrills of a high speed ride, all inside of you VR headset. Check out Roller Coaster by Inmersys!

Ups and downs at full speed!

Roller Coaster by Inmersys is a highly immersive experience. From the beginning of the ride, the user can enjoy his or her surroundings with full 360° freedom. Once it starts, you can feel the speed building up. By using a high end VR headsets, there are no external distractions that could take us away from the experience; making it extremely realistic. Every turn, ups and downs feel like you were cruising around in a real park ride. At the same time, all the scenery becomes an opportunity to showcase your brand/product while users feel the excitement of the ride.

Customize it!

Roller Coaster by Inmersys is fully customizable. You can adjust the scenery for a seasonal event (a Xmas village, for example) or use your own brand/product. During the ride, there’s a variety of billboards where you can display useful information: training sessions’ recaps, product features, assorted trivia for a contest, etc.

Call our experts and take Roller Coaster to your next promotional event!


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