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Futbol VR1

Inmersys has developed in-house a series of virtual reality mini games, implemented for the HTC Vive platform. These games are not solely focused on utilizing the newest technologies and to entertain, they are also designed to showcase your brand and to create immersive and interactive experiences. Today, we’ll get to know one of their sports offerings; which is perfect for kids’ oriented events (like Spring Break, Easter or Summer) or big soccer events for adults (UEFA Champions League, World Cup, MLS playoffs). Let’s see how Soccer VR is played (and experienced!).

Forget the controllers: Use your feet!


Soccer VR changes the VR game by not using the traditional controllers. Your feet are the controllers! Thanks to a couple of special 3D markers that you attach to your shoes, Soccer VR can show your feet in real time inside the simulation. The game reproduces all the nuts and bolts of shooting in real life: use the tip of your foot, you elevate the ball. Use the side of it and you can give it an effect. A couple of steps will give your shot a boost. The goal is divided in quadrants: the more complicated is to score on one, you get more points (on the top corners, for example). You’re scoring against the clock so hurry up! If you missed, don’t fret on it and quickly try again! Once the time runs out, you can make it to the high scores. Can you make it up to #1?


Your brand takes over the stadium!


When player are inside the simulation, the stadium has (like a real one) lots of digital banners and a giant screen. They all can be used to showcase your brand or promotional videos through the giant screen. Even the player’s sneakers can show your brand! But the experience can come out of the VR headset for everyone: When the game is setup, a TV is placed in front of the playing area. Here, your audience can watch the player like if it were being broadcasted from a TV camera behind him. This way, all his/her friends or colleagues will watch the game and can also see your branding on the stadium; maximizing the impact of the implementation.


El título es 100% funcional y puede ser adaptado a la identidad gráfica que necesites. Es una actividad perfecta para activaciones en centros comerciales, restaurantes y convenciones. Perfecto para jugar en grupos, realizar competencia e integtrar equipos. Y como cereza en el pastel, también es perfecto para todas las edades: desde chicos dispuestos a jugar, hasta adultos aficionados al deporte. Contacta a nuestro equipo para hacerte una demostración. Muy pronto, tú también estarás gritando ¡GOOOOOL!


The game is 100% functional and can be adapted with the graphic identity that better suits your needs. It’s the perfect kind of experiencie for malls, restaurants and conventions. Ideal to play in groups for team bonding. And the icing on the cake: everyone can enjoy it. From kids eager to play, to adult who are hardcore soccer fans. Contact our team to experience the demo. Soon, you too will be screaming GOOOOOOOAL!



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