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Racing VR

First yellow light. You grasp the wheel and get ready. Second yellow light. You hear the motor roar, ready for the race. Green light and go! Feel all the excitement of pro racing circuits with our exciting Mini Game: Racing VR!

White knuckle ride

To make Racing VR a more immersive experience, the player takes a seat and uses a sterring wheel instead of the traditional VR controls. The race begins and the speed feels completely thrilling thanks to the 1st person perspective. This is because you’re really inside the race car and not just an expectator from afar. Every turn, every high speed part of the circuit feels just like being in control of a beastly machine; capable of running at hundreds of miles an hour. The sheer excitement of these blazing fast ride is difficult to feel on traditional gaming experiences. Cross the finish line and crush your opponents times!

The Grand Prix of your brand!

While the player is swerving around at high speed, the entire track is yours to customize. Every banner, billboard and decoration; everything can be used to implement your brand logo, product or event. By not being played on traditional controllers (using the steering wheel), Racing VR is easier for newcomers. It can reach a broader audience: from hardcore F1 fans to a younger audience that enjoys videogames.

Here at Inmersys, we create virtual experiences that will help your brand have a greater impact in your brand activations or events. Contact us and let us bring Racing VR you!


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Autor Rolando Vera - 17-jun-2020 16:36:53




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