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Customized augmented Realiy apps

Augmented reality apps are very versatile tools that can be customized to your exact needs. Thanks to their wide compatibility across different devices, it’s easy to reach a broader audience to let them enjoy the experience. AR can be used to greatly enrich your Marketing activations, creating a stronger bond with your audience. Let’s see the following example where Inmersys used this technology to take this activity to the next level.

Breakfast just became cooler!


Cereal makers have always made an effort to add something fun to their packaging. From little give-aways in specially marked boxes to crosswords, riddles and board games. But could they take this fun to the next level? Inmersys created an app called ‘Giddy up’ for Golden Foods cereals. With it, the cereal boxes become aR markers! By downloading the app and scanning said markers, you can unclock a special AR game and load your breakfast with exciting adventures! Run through the track, avoid the obstacles and jump to save your character from the bottomless pits! How far can you make it? Break your own high score and have loads of fun!


Disney magic: Augmented


In a collaborative effort between the National Film Library, Disney, Samsung and Inmersys; a magical experience took place in this venue. Using mobile devices and special AR photo frames (that were scanned by the AR app), users could take pictures of themselves with their favorite Disney characters. Thanks to the app, they appeared next to the participants, allowing them to share a very special pic to their social media feeds.



Your apparel comes to life!

We all love a good t-shirt design. Now imagine it being interactive! That’s exactly what the Inmersys-developed Dibs app does: once you scan the designs in these special t-shirts, they are recognized by the software and they trigger content within the app. Now, you can record said content and share it on social media. A great way to create a unique experience with your customers! Use this interactions with social media to gain brand awareness or to promote a particular hashtag.


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